Tasks performed: 
Directing -Video editing - Motion graphics
JP Kalonji - Illustrator
Delphine Ayrton - Voice
Despite thirty years of struggle for public recognition, domestic violence remains a murderous scourge in Switzerland. Between shame, guilt and the difficulty to obtain justice: testimonies show that many taboos remain for both women and men. I had a lot of trouble making these illustrations because of their emotional context. This is what I like the most about working with the Swiss newspaper Le Temps.
I invite you to discover the testimonials received by journalists Michel Guillaume, Sylvia Revello and Céline Zünd.
The story behind this mini video manifesto, apart from the investigation of the newspaper Le Temps on the subject, comes from the fact that the three of us wanted to share our skills in order to offer a showcase on this subject and at the same time to work together.
The video clip was directed and edited by Nicolas Braguinsky and voiced by Delphine Ayrton, all accompanied by the illustrations I had already done for the report.