​​​​​​​I am a storyteller, videographer, video editor, and photographer.  I have a B.A in Foreign Literature from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Currently, I am based in Geneva, Switzerland and I work as freelancer for different international organisations, companies and NGOs to enhance their strategic audiovisual communication.
Besides, I made two documentaries: "Solidarity Crime. The borders of democracy" (2019, with Juan Pablo Aris Escarcena) about the criminalization that many European citizens are suffering because of their solidarity with migrants. The other one, "Beyond Impunity" (2020) depicts how war-affected communities engage in dialogue about impunity in Liberia.
Before, I worked at the National Economy Ministry of Argentina in the Communication Office. I drafted official press releases, taking official photos and filming and editing official content for the Ministry. Also, I covered different events around the country.
Previously, I was part of the Press Office team at the Foreign Ministry of Argentina. I wrote official press releases, film videos, edit and took photos in National and International meetings (MERCOSUR, OAS, UN) in China, United Kingdom, Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, among others.​​​​​​
(+41) 7798 - 02126